Couples / Marriage Counselling

Invest In Your Relationship!

  • Are you missing intimacy, sex and passion in your relationship?
  • Are you or your partner just not “in the mood” for sex on a regular basis?
  • So you feel lonely or misunderstood in your relationship?
  • Has sex lost its sizzle?
  • Has the emotional connection disappeared?
  • Do you wish to improve the personal and sexual intimacy that you already enjoy?
  • Would you like to acquire more effective communication and conflict resolution skills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone and couples/marriage counselling and sex therapy is for you.

CouplesCounsellingFor most couples, falling in love is one of the most pleasurable and intense experiences they’ll ever have. However, this natural high state of euphoria can not be sustained forever and we eventually come down from the intensity. This can occur somewhere between 3 – 18 months into the relationship. Now What?

Over time we tend to become familiar and comfortable with each other and all relationships at varying times need a little assistance to get us back on track. Couples/marriage counselling can be a very valuable experience and opportunity to build on areas that might have become disconnected. To maintain a healthy relationship requires a lot of work, knowledge and skills and willingness to grow.

Counselling can provide the very tools to guide you along

What couples may work on in counselling:

  • Create common, workable goals
  • Re-establish or re-invent the relationship
  • Learn the art of good listening skills to understand more about each other
  • Learn how to emotionally reconnect
  • Anxiety reduction/relaxation techniques
  • Building skills around intimacy
  • Building on trust
  • Implement specific behavioural tasks
  • Communicate in constructive ways
  • Resolve conflicts without hurting each other

It is however important to understand that in order to overcome any relationship challenges, independent of their severity, both people need to have the desire and willingness to work hard on it and for some this may take some time, but the end result is certainly worth the effort.

If you have and questions around relationship/marriage counselling or sex therapy, or you wish to make an appointment please contact Raelene by

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