Ageing and Sexuality

Many people in our culture see sexual activity as appropriate only for the young. The bottom line is that people in their 60’s can be hopeful about their sexuality as they enter this decade and every other for the rest of their lives. Many people I counsel in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s can have a very productive sex life.

Sexual activity among older people, as among other groups, is influenced not only by physical structures and changes but also by psychological well-being, feelings of intimacy, and cultural expectations. If we are aware of them, we will not view them as abnormal or find ourselves unprepared to cope with them.

Many potential problems can be averted by changing our expectations or making some changes to accommodate the aging process. In fact, if they fine-tune their expectations, they may find themselves leading some of the most sexually fulfilling years of their lives.


AgeingAndSexualityStaying healthy – regular exercise, balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight
Positive attitude – toward sexuality and our bodies
Being creative to lovemaking
Good communication
Maintaining non sexual fun in the relationship
Being affectionate and comforting
Don’t obsess about how often or not you’re having sex
Considering counselling at times if things go wrong will help

Failing to adopt an accepting attitude towards our own ageing bodies can certainly put us under a lot of unnecessary pressure. Many people are aroused by looks, but sexuality is really about touch and feeling, and that never goes away.

For those who are single:

No matter what age we are, an active sex life does carry a risk of contracting STI’s so precautions must be taken; in fact, some studies show that in the older age group sexually transmitted infection is actually on the rise, possibly because they do not believe they need to practice safer sex.

For assistance with understanding the ageing process and sexuality or building confidence to enhance your relationship Raelene Stokes has many years experience with helping individuals and couples through the ageing process to be able to enjoy an ever lasting pleasurable and intimate sex life.

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