Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is the problem of ‘over – control’ of the ejaculatory reflex.

Men who suffer from delayed ejaculation commonly have no erectile difficulties or lack of sexual desire.

Their problem is therefore not directly connected to ‘impotence’. However, in practice, we find that many of those contacting Impotence Australia and Sexual Health and Relationships WA have questions about ejaculation difficulties and so this leaflet has been made available.

Physical factors to consider

The condition can be mild or severe though most men with the problem would fall into the first of these groups. In the milder form, delayed ejaculation is apparently quite prevalent though firm data are not available.

Ejaculation involves two phases- emission and expulsion.

  • The first allows the seminal fluid to gather inside the base of the penis (the arming phase) and is accompanied by no great sensations – more a warning of the growing approach to orgasm.
  • The second ( the shooting phase ) requires the contraction of the striated and bulbar muscles of the perineum and is responsible for the enormous delights which climax can bring. The second phase is under the control of the voluntary nervous system so a man may prevent ejaculation because his conscious and unconscious thoughts interfere with the process.

DelayedEjaculationIt is also important to consider the role of excess stress in the onset of this condition. A man who is always anxious of holding his muscles ridged is also exerting too much control over his perineal musculature (the muscle between the anus and the scrotum) and needs to find appropriate forms of relaxation.

If there has been a history of diabetes, nerve damage, prostatic disease and urethral scarring, ejaculation difficulties may have an entirely physical cause and these factors would need medical investigation. Some prescription drugs including beta-blockers and some anti-depressants may also interfere with ejaculation.

Psychological factors to consider?

Two categories of men would commonly present with the problem of delayed ejaculation.

  • The first would be sex starters who are paralysed with guilt, fear or other strong emotions.
  • The second would be older men who have grown psychologically mistrustful of release, or who have a need for greater physical stimulation now that age has made lovemaking less spontaneous and orgasm less compliant.


Raelene Stokes at Sexual Health & Relationships WA would take a sexual history and design sexual exercises either for the single person or couple. The exercises would consist of increasing sexual sensations and or sexual fantasy. If you would like to contact Raelene for an appointment please click here.

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