Male Sexual Arousal Disorder

Sexual Arousal Disorder in men is called erectile dysfunction or impotence. When we are sexually stimulated, male bodies normally respond with vasocongestion which produces erection.

Defined as persistent difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient to allow the completion of sexual activity OR they lack the feelings of sexual pleasure or excitement to follow into the arousal phase.

Some men with erectile disorder are unable to attain an erection with their partner. Others can achieve erection but not sustain it long enough for penetration and ejaculation.

Many men experience some degree of impotence and this increases with age. Sometimes erectile problems are common and may be caused by tiredness, alcohol/drug abuse, anxiety about a new partner. However, fear of recurrence can create a vicious cycle, in which anxiety leads to failure, and failure heightens anxiety.

If the man recognizes that occasional problems are NORMAL and does not over react by viewing the occasional problems as an inconvenience and not a tragedy this may assist in prevention of performance anxiety.

Common Causes

  • Performance Anxiety
  • Depression low self-esteem
  • Relationship problems
  • Biological factors can also play a causal role

A thorough evaluation by a medical specialist urologist is recommended.

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