Sexual Addiction/Compulsion

In recent times sexual addiction/compulsion has become known as a major social problem particularly Cybersex Addiction.

Sexual addiction can be defined as a loss of control over sex and persistence in sexual behaviours regardless of adverse social, psychological, and biological consequences.

While at some time in their lives some people who are not sex addicts may engage in one or more of the behaviours listed below, it becomes sexual addiction when there is an irresistible need to repeat the behaviours and habits are developed around them.

  1. Compulsive masturbation
  2. Compulsive sex with prostitutes
  3. Anonymous sex with multiple partners
  4. Multiple affairs outside a committed relationship
  5. Habitual exhibitionism
  6. Habitual voyeurism- the so-called “peeping Tom
  7. Inappropriate sexual touching
  8. Cybersex, compulsion

Partners of Sex Addicts


Partners present for therapy either from having already known about their partner’s sexual behaviour or from having suddenly found out.

Partners may report that they are experiencing reduced feelings of intimacy, lack of confidence and self worth, wondering whether they are to blame, feeling betrayed and confused about what they want in this relationship.

Couples therapy for sex addiction focuses on restoring trust, improving couples communication and assertiveness, forgiveness and establishing boundaries while improving intimacy. If you would like to make and appointment with Raelene or seek further information please email

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