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MaleSexualityThere are some myths regarding erection problems, the foremost is that impotence is not a serious medical problem and that those who bother their doctor are timewasters and whingers. This could not be further from the truth. Erection failure can and often does lead to loss of self-esteem, feelings of not being a ‘proper man’ and an inability to function in daily life. It can also have a significant effect on an otherwise healthy relationship – partners all too often begin to feel that the man concerned does not love them anymore and may also begin to believe that he is having sex with another partner.

It is not uncommon for men to have difficulties with sex, it can start from any age; your first sexual experiences, or they may develop after an individual has previously experienced enjoyable and satisfying sex. A problem may also develop gradually over time, or suddenly as a total or partial inability to participate in one or more stages of the sexual act. The causes of sexual difficulties can be physical, psychological or both.

Common male sexual problems are: erectile dysfunction or impotence, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, low sexual desire (low libido), inability to feel aroused and sexual aversion.

Erectile dysfunction may also be an early marker of some other health issue. It can be an early warning sign for life-threatening health problems such as diabetes or heart disease. Therefore a medical check up is very important. Men may have sexual difficulties if they have the following: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart and lung problems, prostate cancer, low testosterone, endocrine disorders, problems with blood supply, back injury, nerve damage (as in spinal cord injuries) etc. A physical examination should include the whole body and not be limited to the reproductive system.

For many men any sexual issues can become very daunting and embarrassing to talk about. Persistent sexual dysfunction may cause anxiety and/or depression in some men as sex is such an integral area it can have an immense impact on a man’s emotional well-being. However, the above issues are very common for men to experience. These common sexual issues or dysfunctions can lead to such negative emotional and or physical effects upon the individual and the couple. Sexual dysfunction that is not addressed adequately may lead to conflicts within the relationship or potentially cause breakups.

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