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SexTherapy2It’s not surprising that many people believe that lovemaking should involve being able to have really good sex with a partner that we care for. However satisfying sex is something we have to learn. Many people of all ages still remain confused; they may find it difficult to please there partner, express what they are really feeling and doing, or they still find it extremely hard to communicate their needs to their partner, let alone understand their own sexual responses.

Sex is one of the most intimate and pleasurable of all human experiences. However, sex can become an arena where many of the problems in the relationship surface. If you are in such an arena of sexual difficulty you are far from being alone. Most committed relationships have problems at some time or another over sexual issues.

HOWEVER what if I were to tell you that SEX is really good for us! That’s right it helps reduce our stress levels, can play a role in preventing depression, improves our muscular tone and provides us with a general sense of well-being. Therefore when sex is great and the relationship is enriched we can actually provide a well balanced sense of mental, emotional and physical well-being. Now that’s worth the effort, don’t you think? Sex therapy can help navigate you through these challenges and help you reach pleasurable satisfying sexual activities.

Raelene is a highly educated and trained professional clinical counsellor and sexologist. She treats individuals and couples of heterosexual, gay or lesbian sexual orientation, offering such clinical sexology services as: sex education, sex therapy and sex coaching, along with marriage counselling, and relationship counselling.

Raelene recognize the personal motivation and courage that it takes to seek help for your personal or relationship problems. As a highly trained clinical counsellor of sexual health, Raelene treats a variety of sexual concerns and dysfunctions, offering such services as professional, individual treatment and sex advice to persons of all sexual orientations and lifestyles. Couples counselling encompasses marriage counselling and marital sex help for couples who are married or not, and whose sexual orientation may be that of heterosexual, gay or lesbian. Raelene’s approach is warm, inclusive, approachable and supportive.
Emphasis is placed on psychotherapy, emotionally focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and behavioural sex therapy (sensate focus).

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